5 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

In our Modern World, life can get really busy and really fast. We spend a lot of time and energy running around, and also place a lot of importance on our left brains – our rational minds.

Despite all this, somewhere, deep in our souls, we know the importance of slowing down and connecting to our inner wisdom, connecting to our right brains – that place of deep intuition and creativity that holds so many answers and so much richness for us.

Here is a list of my absolute favorite top 5 ways to really settle in and listen to the treasury of wisdom that your heart and soul has for you. None of them need to take up a lot of time or effort! Connecting to your inner wisdom can be easy and flowing.

1) Journaling: To cut through the mind’s chitter chatter and get straight to your inner wisdom, journaling works best if you write fast, without stopping, without worrying about grammar or language, or even full sentences. The name of the game is here is to write quickly without judgement or even thought, and see what comes up for you. It helps to start with a provocative phrase like: “I am a woman who…..” or “I am here….”

2) Dancing: I’m not talking about social dancing. This type of dancing that really connects you to your inner wisdom is done alone, or with one person watching you. Put on music that moves you, close your eyes, take a few deep breathes to feel into your body, and start moving. Be open to where the movements want to take you, and the emotions and visions that come up and out of you as you move. After you finish your movement, taking a few moments to share your experience with a partner or write your experience will help you put your inner wisdom that emerged into words.

3) Drawing: You don’t need any formal training in art whatsoever to connect to your inner wisdom through drawing. Come to the blank paper without any preconceived notions or judgement or ideas, and draw what comes to mind. Draw how you feel. Or, ask you inner wisdom a question, and then draw it out. For example, asking a question as simple as “What do I need to know right now?” can yield rich imagery that might hold some interesting answers for you.

4) Visualization: Visualization can be as simple as closing your eyes, and calling forth your wise self. See her and and ask her questions. You’ll be amazed at what can come to light!

5) Breathing: Taking just a few minutes to sit still, close your eyes and focus on your breathe, can really help you to slow down, get settled, and begin to really connect with your body, to sense and feel into yourself. My suggestion is to very consciously focus on each part of your body, sending breathe to each part, and ask yourself how you feel. Notice where you feel open and where you feel closed. Connecting to your body in this way is a beautiful opportunity to get present.

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