Italian Trulli

Carolyn Ulitsky

In my practice, I facilitate my clients out of pain. By educating and reconnecting them with their body’s innate ability to heal by getting to the deeper held emotions/feelings that caused the pain in the first place. It may mean they need other players on the team – i.e. western medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, CBT, biofeedback, etc.


Why I’m invested in doing this work? First of all, enjoy the relief that people get when they make the connection. Most importantly, I’ve taken this journey and experienced many different physical issues.


It’s understanding what the pain is truly signaling. What is the lesson it is teaching me? What have not been wanting to face? Once faced and it is a process the pain can be released. In the future, you will be less likely to let the pain (whispers at first) get too far.