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Erin Borbet

Erin Borbet is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Distance Energy Healer, Transformational Coach and eternal student of the healing arts. She has trained all over the world in China, Tibet, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua and the United States with a wide variety of healers and institutions. She works with clients in-person at her clinical practice in Victor, Idaho and remotely via phone or zoom with clients all over the world.


Erin helps her clients unlock vibrant health and well-being through a comprehensive holistic health/life strategy specific to individual needs and goals. It is her belief that true and lasting healing must integrate emotional and spiritual aspects – which she addresses through consistent communication, self-care practices, strategic coaching and customized botanicals.


After 15+ years supporting clients, she now devotes her practice (in person and online) in supporting her clients to deeply trust in their own resilience and the innate healing power of the body – offering individualized and natural solutions for lasting results.