Italian Trulli

Victoria Cali

Victoria is a Holistic Embodiment Coach who brings a trauma-informed, heart-centered and polyvagal-based approach to her work with individuals and groups. As a certified EFT practitioner who integrates Parts Work at the core of her practice, Victoria offers a compassionate and transformative space for individuals to uncover deeper meaning in their lives. With safety as her guiding principle, she holds a wide container for her clients to tune-in and explore their inner landscape with curiosity, patience, and compassion. By skillfully working with time and spaciousness, client’s reclaim connection with themselves, moving out of isolation and into our interdependent collective healing, cultivating a life that is rooted in authenticity, aligned action and integrity. As an artist and earth-worker she nurtures a deepening somatic awareness through the felt-sense and supports the homecoming of embodiment through the senses. Drawing from her training in a range of modalities, she has developed an intuitive approach combined with evidence-based strategies to support clients as they forge an honest and empowering path of awareness and Self-led transformation.