[Episode 10] What is Client Resistance & Why do we need to Know about it?”

Have you ever had a client who consistently shows up late for sessions? Or always cancels last minute? Or maybe even a client that all of the sudden has a really bad attitude about what you’re discussing in session…or maybe even gets upset at you?

If yes, you’re in for a treat! Because we’re diving into all of that today as we talk about one of my MOST favorite topics when it comes to being better able to support our clients to create what they want in their lives. Today’s topic will also help you support YOURSELF so much more towards all of your personal goals.

In today’s episode, ​​we’re going to start to look at what I call Client Resistance. 

If you’re not well equipped to handle and navigate resistance….it can end up VERY not fun for you as the coach or practitioner. In fact, most practitioners these days don’t know how to handle resistance…, because they don’t really understand resistance. And if you don’t understand the client’s motivation behind resistance and you don’t know how to masterfully move your clients through resistance, you can end up feeling drained, tired, frustrated, questioning your confidence and abilities, thinking too much about your client’s situation…not to mention, the client can become frustrated or angry or lose hope in the work with you.

Not knowing how to navigate clients through Resistance is also a big factor in low retention rates, low referral rates, clients wanting to quit, or putting so many restrictions on who your ideal clients are that you cut out a good percentage of the possible ideal prospects out there.

Navigating Client Resistance is honestly one of the most important topics transformational practitioners need to know about.

Some topics we cover:

==What exactly is Client Resistance & how does it manifest?

==What happens when a client goes into Resistance

==the difference between fear and resistance (very important to note!)

==some psychological underpinning of resistance

==real talk about our own resistance

Enjoy, enjoy!

Also, I mentioned two opportunities to go deeper into today’s episode:

Navigating Client Resistance 4-Week Training Intensive

Resistance Archetypes PDF

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