[Episode 11] One of my most beloved Resistance Archetypes – The Victim

Ever been in conversation with a client – or a friend or family member – and all of the sudden it seems like they’ve become possessed by the most negative personality in the world? 

It’s almost as if who you usually know them to be has vanished away and they’ve been replaced by someone who feels completely helpless, oppressed by others or their situation, and unable to take action, move forward, or think hopefully in any way.

Chances are this person has stepped into the Resistance Archetype of the Victim!

(And by the way, if you’re reading this and thinking that this is actually a description of yourself sometimes….you’re in good company! The Victim is one of the two Resistance Archetypes that I can slip into most often when I am triggered, challenged, or about to do something stretchy. We’re all messy human, right? But doing this deep work on Resistance can help so much).

The Victim is one of six main Resistance Archetypes that I often teach about, and in today’s podcast episode we are going to start to dive into how this sneaky energy can show up for your clients and what is actually happening internally for them when this happens.

Even just this introduction to understanding this Resistance Archetype will help you in your client work (& possibly help you understand yourself more!).

In the episode we cover:

==the basics of what a Resistance Archetype is and what it means to put on an energetic mask

==a personal story of when I slipped into the Victim Archetype and the business coach I was working with got totally sideswiped (it was not pretty)

==some behaviors to look for to know if your client has inadvertently slipped into this resistance archetype

==this first step to being able to work with & navigate the Victim Archetype

I cannot wait for you to listen and learn!

Also, I mentioned opportunities to go deeper into today’s episode:

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