[Episode 12] What I do to Prepare for Client Sessions (it’s not what you think!)

My students in the Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner Training often say, “Joanna – you always show up SO prepared and manage so much in a session; how do you do it?”

I love this question because how you prepare for your client sessions (& group sessions) is KEY to the session being successful, productive and transformational. And…the ways that I prepare are probably not the ways you might think I do!

Spoiler alert: what I don’t do is spend hours going over session notes!

I have a simple protocol that sets me up beautifully to be able to step into my client and group sessions powerfully and with exactly what I need to empower my clients, and I share all of it in this week’s episode.

Here’s what we cover:

==why I don’t take notes during client sessions & how to determine if you should or shouldn’t

==what are Energetics & why are they so important for your client sessions

==what to do before client sessions to set yourself up for aligned Energetics

==how I use Session Prep Forms in my private coaching sessions

==some do’s and don’ts for right before your client sessions

I can’t wait for you to listen!

And as you know, right now, folks are stepping into Navigating Client Resistance, and I’d love for you to join us for this intensive, where you’ll learn a ton about how to support your clients who are procrastinating, feeling helpless and overwhelmed, or not doing their homework.


Here is all the information: Navigating Client Resistance 4-Week Training Intensive


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