[Episode 15] Meet the Resistance Archetypes!

This is our last episode right now in our series on Resistance, and today’s episode is maybe the juiciest of all because we’re discussing…Resistance Archetypes!

And not just our clients’ Resistance Archetypes…but also YOUR Resistance Archetypes.

Because, I want you to be able to support YOURSELF through YOUR toughest obstacles.

So that you’re more able to show up cleanly with your clients and without your own fears. So that you’re more able to take aligned action on the things that are most important to you – like getting your newsletter out there, or doing outreach to prospects, or starting your meditation practice, or hiring your first team member, or clarifying your marketing message.

Today’s episode will help you determine if you tend to step into The Judge Resistance Archetype? Or The Victim? Or The Needy One? Or The Procrastinator? Or The Spiritual One Or The Flake? Or another?

You’ll get more clear on the energy pattern you step into when fear or trigger grips you so hard that you step out of your own, natural, empowered energy and into your defense mechanisms.

And, you’ll also gain a ton of insight into what happens for your clients when they are in their fear and their defense mechanisms.

This is a mini-masterclass in human behavior!

And.. It’s not too late to join us for Navigating Client Resistance where you’ll meet the Archetypes in depth and learn exactly how to work with them!


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