Episode 16: 7 Elements of Effective & Ethical Sales Conversations

I stand firmly and proudly behind the idea that the BEST marketing strategy in the world is being a practitioner of excellence. This is why most of my work is devoted to training coaches and practitioners to be the best you can be.

That being said, even when your business mainly runs off of re-signs and referrals, marketing IS important. And knowing how to hold effective & ethical sales conversations in a piece of that.

One of the reasons that me  – and my students – are so masterful & effective AND ethical AND trauma informed at sales conversations is because we translate our coaching and transformation skills into sales conversations. 

In today’s episode I teach you 7 must-have elements for your sales conversations to do their job of supporting prospects who are meant to work with you to step in…and to do it without being icky or manipulative.

We look at inner and outer pieces with some really important details you can incorporate into your sales calls right away.

This is one I cannot wait for you to listen to – you’ll definitely want to take notes! 


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