Episode 17: 5 Words that can Revolutionize your Client Work & Marketing (& your life!)

You may have heard this phrase before because it’s used a lot when it comes to sales trainings that are soul centered and not so aggressive.

But most people don’t actually know what it means. And, once you really get the meaning of it, it can be SO helpful….for making sales….for being willing to show up for sales conversations as your authentic self….for going deeper in your client sessions and groups your lead….and for overall keeping a healthy mindset and soulset about your business and about your work.

The phrase I’m talking about: “Don’t Be Attached to Outcome.”

In today’s episode, I break the meaning of this phrase down so that you can start transforming from the inside out to show up more fully, confidently – and with less stress! – for all aspects of your work, business…

…and even your life!


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