[Episode 7] How to Ethically & Effectively Raise Your Rates

Episode 7 H ow to Ethically and Effectively Raise Your Rates

In this episode we look into a question that I often get asked, and it usually goes something like this: “I know it’s time to raise my rates, but how do I let my existing clients know? I’m worried they won’t want to continue with me!”

Too many coaches and practitioners either hold back from raising their rates out of fear, or raise their rates but don’t handle it well and then lose those clients.

I am here to tell you that there ARE ways to raise your rates ethically and effectively!

It can be a tricky if you don’t know how to share about the change in rates in aligned ways, and as always this is both an inner and outer job, so this episode is a juicy one where you get important tips for how to communicate with your clients…and also, where you learn a little bit about yourself too!

Some topics we cover:

==the Energetics of raising your rates

==the fear that’s holding you back from raising your rates

==the logistics around raising your rates

==exactly what to say to clients when you are planning to raise your rates

==and so much more!

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