[Episode 8] Working with Jealousy and Competition

Episode 8 Working with Jealousy and Competition

In so many circles, it’s taboo to even talk about Jealousy. It’s considered bad and wrong and shameful. But, in the Sacred Depths approach to transformation, nothing is inherently bad or wrong. Everything – every feeling or impulse – that arises inside of us can be used for evolution and finding deeper self-compassion and satisfaction.

And that is why we cross the taboo lines to explore Jealousy in this episode!

Jealousy, when it comes up for yourself or your clients, can be sneaky and cause havoc. It can lead you to be self-sabotage, to not be at the top of your game, to hold yourself back, to be mean to yourself or others…and generally cause some misery.

But Jealousy can also be harnessed and transmuted into aligned power and productivity.

In this episode, we break down the nature of jealousy, and I give some practical foundational ideas on how to work with it. It’s a juicy episode! (And one that will answer some questions, but also in beautiful ways open up many more questions!).

Some topics we cover:

==the nature of jealousy and the many (surprising) ways it expresses itself

==what it means to normalize jealousy

==leaning in to aligned competition as an antidote

==the relationship between jealousy and power

==I share some personal experiences with jealousy and surprising outcomes

==and much more!

This episode has both practical ideas for working with yourself & clients as well as philosophical ideas for you to ponder. It’s a rich one!

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