How to Effectively Analyze Your Marketing Efforts

When your marketing and outreach aren’t yielding the results you want, a common mistake is to try to change everything about the marketing at once — you scrap your launch or your entire funnel or your system for bringing on new clients and you start from scratch.

For example, You send out an email to your community about a new program. The email leads readers to your sales page, and you don’t make too many sales.

Or…You are doing individual outreach to people you know to invite them to a conversation about working with you, but no one ends up working with you.

The knee-jerk reaction here of the untrained entrepreneur is to go back to square one and re-vamp the entire strategy.

Don’t change all elements of your marketing strategy at once.

Let me repeat: Don’t change all elements of your marketing strategy at once.

The reason folks start making changes to everything is because they are assuming that their entire strategy isn’t working when the truth is often that it’s simply one or two elements in your system that isn’t working.

Successful marketing is about testing and tracking so you can make SMART decisions about what to tweak and how to bring in clients and customers. Testing and tracking means really analyzing your statistics carefully to gain valuable information about what’s going wrong and what’s going right with your marketing.

How to Analyze A Campaign:

*Of course, there are many different types of marketing campaigns. We’ll take a look at this example of a simple email campaign that leads to a sales page, however, you can apply what I share below with ANY type of online or offline marketing process or plan you are executing.

1) First, look at the statistics for your sales or opt-in page. The particular numbers you want to look for are the number of people who visited the page vs. the number of people who bought or opted-in.

If this conversion rate is low (less than 35% for a free opt-in and less than 8-10% for a paid product under $1K), then you know that the marketing gap is in the copy of the sales or opt-in page itself. This means you want to tweak the copy.

If the conversion rate is not low, but you did not make as many sales or opt-ins as you wanted, then chances are the gap happened somewhere else in the funnel, so…

2) Next, look at the open rate of the emails that are directing folks to the sales page. If the open rate of the email is low (less than 18-20%), then you know you need to tweak your email subject headings.

Your subject heading is one of only 2 things that get people to open your emails. If your subject heading isn’t compelling, it doesn’t matter how amazing your email copy is, or how magnetic your sales page copy is, because no one will ever get to read either.

3) If the open rate on email is good, but the click-through rate to your opt-in or sales page is low, then you know that the copy that is in your email is the thing that needs to be worked on (because your email copy is what gets people to click through to the sales page!)

4) If you are using other funnels to your sales page like Facebook ads or Joint Venture emails, then you want to do the same type of analyzing with those pieces.

Tracking your statistics helps you be savvy in targeting where your changes need to be — this saves you time and gets you much better results!

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