Podcast 1:
Masterful Coaching = Masterful Sales

Podcast 2:
Energetic Client Repellents

Podcast 3:
The Cure for Difficult Clients

Podcast 4:
Are You Meant To Do the Deeper Work?

Podcast 5:
The Courage To Be Visible and Authentic 

Podcast 6:
More Effective Than Marketing

Podcast 7:
Mastery Takes Courage 

Podcast 8:
How Breakthroughs Become Transformations

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Podcast 1: Masterful Coaching = Masterful Sales

Coaches often make the mistake of separating their powerful coaching skills and their ability to have consistent successful enrollment conversations with prospective clients.

I’m here to tell you nothing could be more deeply connected.

They are inextricably related in ways you may not have considered.

This one shift can completely change the momentum of your business.

In this mini-podcast, we’re going to look at exactly how the depth of your coaching skills influence your ability to have enrollment conversations that end with clients deciding to work with you, and what you can do to master both.

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Podcast 2: Eneregetic Client Repellents

If you’re in the line coaching or transformation work, you know just how critical the energy you bring to the table is in determining the outcome of your work with clients.

When it comes to what you believe about yourself, your abilities, and your clients, there are no effective hiding places.

It doesn’t even matter how brilliant, talented, or wise you actually are.

If you secretly believe otherwise, it will affect how your clients feel about working with you, and that will in turn influence the depth of the work you’ll be able to do together.

And it’s not just about believing in yourself and where you’re at, it’s about believing in your clients and their ability to show up and do the work.

This mini-podcast (5 minutes packed with goodness!) will cover everything you need to know about making sure your energy is aligned, confident, effective, and steeped in integrity.

I’m also going to cover the three main things every transformational coach needs in order to succeed.

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Podcast 3: The Cure for Difficult Clients

More clients are showing up with deep resistance and fear.

Co-created strategies and goals seem clear at first…until next session you find out not a single action has been taken.

If you don’t have accurate insight about why that is, and the depth of skills to back that up and lead your clients through, you will find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation.

You NEED to know how to work with fear, resistance, negative thought patterns, and shadows.

Contrary to what you may have been told, t’s not always about finding your “ideal client”…

… It might actually be about becoming the “ideal coach”.

The fear and resistance are a big part of what they need our help working through.

So when you actually have the master skills to help clients achieve their goals, you’ll be in higher demand than you can imagine.

That’s what this 7-minute mini-podcast is all about.

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Podcast 4: Are You Meant To Do the Deeper Work?

In order to discover whether you are someone who is meant to do the deeper work, answer the following questions:

  • Do you derive satisfaction and joy from holding a really tight container with human beings either individually or in groups?
  • Does the thought of doing surface work with your clients repel you?
  • Do you long to guide your clients into places where truly profound and sacred shifts happen?
  • Have you been called to this work and do you know in your heart of hearts that you are capable of being the best of the best?

If you answered YES to some or all of these questions, then this 7-minute mini-podcast is for you.

Because in order to gain the skills, wisdom and mindset to live up to that potential, you must first admit that you are a changemaker.

Then it’s up to you to respond to your calling.

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Podcast 5: The Courage To Be Visible and Authentic

The fear of visibility, of being a fraud, and the procrastinating it creates in your business and marketing can be a serious detriment to your practice.

Without the confidence (and the mastery that creates it), you might not get anywhere close to your full potential.

I hear this feedback over and over from Sacred Depths graduates.

They tell me that they started the training believing they were just coming in to become better coaches and acquire skills.

But that’s not even the most substantial thing that happened.

During the 10 months they underwent a complete transformation.

Not only have they leveled-up their coaching skills x100…

They are on fire to be visible, to be seen, to market themselves, and to do the outreach of speaking their messages and their truth to more people.

There are 2 reasons why this happens and that’s exactly what we’re going to cover on this 5-minute mini-podcast.

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Podcast 6: More Effective Than Marketing

I used to call myself a business coach.

It made sense because I taught my clients about all the different marketing techniques and how to create funnels and everything else they needed to know to succeed in their businesses.

I taught that alongside all the inner work that was necessary to help them to overcome their fears, step into their confidence, and see their brilliance.

And my business was thriving.

But I’m one of those people that’s always looking for what is the truth and what is real in any situation, and the success of my business was no exception.

I needed to know why it was working so well.

Because it wasn’t just me, it was my clients as well.

I was looking at each of my clients and exploring why they were able to grow the way they were.

Why did their clients consistently re-signed with them?

Why were we all able to fill programs behind closed doors without even letting the larger community know about them?

I came to see the truth of what was working.

Sure, the marketing techniques I was teaching were useful and necessary but if I was really honest, that wasn’t the source of their success.

I began to see so clearly what the difference was.

That key difference is what I’m going to talk about during this 7-minute mini-podcast.

Because once I knew the truth, I couldn’t go back.

Everything changed in that moment.

I look forward to sharing what I discovered with you.

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Podcast 7: Mastery Takes Courage

There are two kinds of people that take the Sacred Depths coaching certification.

That’s part of what makes it truly unique.

Many of those who enter into this deeper level of training are in a category that rarely explores and expands their craft further.


Because they’re already seasoned or advanced practitioners.

They’re doing great work already.

And most seasoned practitioners are not willing to admit that they could be going deeper with their clients and doing more effective and transformational work with them.

That’s why I consider it a true honor and a privilege.

It takes way more courage, self-awareness, and wisdom to be able to say, “I’m ready to go deeper with my clients” than it takes to believe the widely held misconception that holds countless coaches back.

That critical misconception is what I’m going to talk about on this 5-minute mini-podcast.

Because as long as you believe the answer lies in this area of your business, you won’t focus on what’s really holding you back from being the kind of deeply impactful coach you can be, with the kind of practice you’ve always dreamed of.

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Podcast 8: How Breakthroughs Become Transformations

The difference between a breakthrough and a transformation is the difference between being a “good” coach and one of the best.

These two words get thrown around a lot, and the significance of the difference between them isn’t always understood.

This differentiating element in your coaching practice is vital..

Breakthroughs are amazing.

They’re those new moments of clarity and awareness that you co-create with your clients that rock their worlds.

And clients leave those sessions feeling amazing.

They may even feel great for a few days.

But then what?

It starts to fade away.

The real difference in our clients lives comes when those moments are skillfully guided into transformations.

But how exactly do you do that?

That’s what I’m talking about on this 7-minute mini-podcast.

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