My Deepest “Selfish” Desires About My Work (& Why They Are Important to Admit)

If you’ve been part of this community for a little bit, you know how passionate I am about supporting transformational practitioners to go even deeper, to be even more transformational, to have the exact practical skills, wisdom, and emotional intelligence required to support your clients to incredible results and real change.

I love to geek out on this stuff because it fascinates me and because I feel most alive when I am holding space for transformation.

You also probably know that another one of the reasons I feel so passionately about mentoring and training practitioners to become highly transformational and effective is because I believe our clients deserve the best, I believe the transformational industry is amazing but has veered a little too much to surface, glamour and quick fixes…

…and I believe that the world – now more than ever – desperately needs us all to be at the top of our games so that things can change and healing can happen.

All that being said, I want to share with you my more personal & “selfish” reasons for being totally and thoroughly obsessed with the art of transformation, and for continuing to deepen my skills to do the soul work with clients that changes their lives forever:

I love it (I mean, I really, really love it) when my clients see me as the One (or one of the “Ones”) that has deeply impacted their lives.

I feel deep satisfaction each time my clients regard me as someone who has made a massive difference for them, who has opened them up to deeper meaning and dimensions of themselves.

I take pleasure when my clients adore the work we do together, value the work – and me – in the most sacred of ways.

I rest easier when I feel confident that my work is brilliant, that I truly am the best of the best.

Recognition for the gifts I bring makes me happy.

Mastery excites me. I thrive on knowing not only that I am talented, but that my talent is being channeled in masterful ways that massively impact – and in ways that the impact is being noticed & appreciated by others.

The steady stream of thank-you notes & gushing notes about the transformation taking place & “the work we’ve done is still changing my life” messages I receive from clients – current clients as well as clients from over a decade ago – fills my heart in inexplicable ways.

I know that a lot of my clients and students and members of this community share these deep desires with me, and when I mentioned above that these desires are “selfish”, it’s because I know that it’s not often we actually admit (even to ourselves) that we have these desires.

We may get sheepish about these desires; we may judge these particular desires and think they are selfish, or too ego-based, or come from wounding or an unhealthy need to be validated.

Here’s what I’ve learned about these desires over the years: Of course, we don’t want to be so attached to recognition & being appreciated that our sense of self and well-being depend on it.

But it is a myth to believe that needing outside validation is a liability, that it can only come from a wounded place. It is actually a vital, healthy part of human nature to seek validation from others. We need a healthy balance of inner and outer validation to thrive.

For me, being motivated by my desires to be amazing at what I do and seen for that has been a worthy motivation.

A motivation that calls me over and over and over again to my highest self, my highest skills and my highest potential.

A motivation that makes a difference in the lives of others.

When we can truly & deeply admit and honor our inner impulses towards greatness and being seen for our greatness…we are more able to to accept our own innate greatness (which equals more peace & satisfaction) and we are also more able to do the work (yes, work is involved even if you’ve got a TON of raw talent!) to continue to deepen our greatness and in turn, our positive impact in the world.

So, here’s to having both altruistic and “selfish” reasons for wanting to be deeply transformational!

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