JV Partnerships and Speaking Information


Thank you so much for reaching out.  We are always looking for ways to join forces with aligned partners to create a bigger impact in the world.

We would love to learn more about this opportunity, but first, we want to tell you a little more about the types of events and speaking engagements Joanna loves to participate in. Here is what we are looking for in an aligned partnership:

  • Diversity and Inclusion:  We love participating in events that feature a diverse group of speakers and experts.
  • The topics that Joanna loves to speak on will be around coach training, facilitation training, and shadow work.  We are NOT interested in participating in anything with a fantastical promise of more income, working less, etc. For a better sense of Joanna’s style and teaching, please check out a few of her most recent articles. <LINK TO BLOG POSTS>
  • It’s important for you to know that we can only commit to sending out 1 promotional email our community so if your project requires more than that, we won’t be a good match.  
  • We have a sizeable list but we are not a good match for you if you are basing our community engagement around list size.  We believe it’s about how you engage with your community that matters, not the size of it.
  • It’s very important to us that we do not overwhelm our community with too much information at once, so we do not participate in JV events that overlap with our own launches or other projects we may be participating in.  Please let us know the exact promotional dates for your project so we can see if it will be a fit with our own promotional calendar.

Thanks for allowing us to tell you a little more about the types of opportunities Joanna loves to participate in.  Now, if you feel that Joanna would be a great addition to your project based on the above information, we would love to learn a little more about you!  

Please click here to tell us more about this opportunity.

Once we receive your completed form, Joanna will review everything and let you know if she’s able to participate.

Thanks again for your interest in partnering!