Penny Goldmuntz

Penny is a licensed Ph.D. psychologist and a Sacred Depths Transformational Coach. She is on the faculty of ISTA where she co-facilitates “The Spiritual, Sexual & Shamanic Experience” training around the world. Penny is the creator of “Inner Peace on Demand”, a program of brief daily practices that bring you into connection with abundance, rewire your nervous system as they alleviate stress and anxiety, and connect you to the deep inner wisdom of your body.

Penny also helps people do the work of integrating the lessons and insights learned during non-ordinary states of consciousness into their everyday life.

Her passion is to facilitate your path to transforming your challenges into gifts, to deeply connect to the beauty of who you are, and to be the full expression of your unique beingness.

At over 70, Penny continues to inspire and be inspired by the endless opportunities for manifesting and living your dreams.

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