Teresa Ichsan

Teresa Ichsan is a Soul Purpose & Success Coach for multi-passionate ambitious women of color who are often running on fumes, feeling empty and unfulfilled. She empowers her clients to hone their strengths and agency, align with their purpose, and design a more balanced and joyful life on their own terms.

Teresa was raised in a multicultural family, and grew up poor, but has overcome many adversities in her life. She draws upon her life experiences and professional career in for-profit, nonprofit leadership, entrepreneurship, and coaching certifications to help other women of color recognize their power, connect to their purpose and pursue their greatest and highest potential.

Teresa’s resiliency and passion for service are what drive her to share her story and encourage her community to live a life of purpose, ON purpose! She resides in Southern California with her husband, two children and enjoys traveling, music, cooking, and spending time in nature.


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