How de-prioritizing income impacts my business

I’ve made a sacred commitment in my business to prioritize PROGRAM QUALITY & CLIENT RESULTS & EXPERIENCE above everything else.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but here’s the truth:

When your business hits a certain size, the prioritizing of Program Quality and Client Results means that you are de-prioritizing sales and income.

So you really need to stick to your values and commitments or else it’s easy to cut corners.

Now – and this is important – this doesn’t mean that you don’t get to earn a lot; but it does mean that you are willing to sacrifice earning more in order to ensure that your offerings really deliver.

Let me explain a little more….

1. Some people in your community may at first feel resistant to longer programs. But if co-creating the results you promise takes more time, don’t shy away from it

For example, the Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner training is 10 months long. I know that’s a long time, but it’s 10 months for a reason:

In order for me to train new & seasoned practitioners to master the incredible transformational skills & techniques taught in the training…and in order for me to support the practitioners to not just know what Powerful Practitioner Energetics are, but actually embody them deeply…I need 10 months.

(I recently saw a training being advertised that is 10 weeks long & promises to “make you” a masterful coach, even if you’ve never coached before. Unless you are a magician, this is simply not possible and downright unethical).

And I refuse to compromise on my ethics and commitment to quality even though I’d likely make more sales if the program were 3 months.

In other words, I’m more than willing to sacrifice the extra sales from folks who want a quick fix in order to deliver quality and be in integrity with my marketing promises.

(As an important aside: Sometimes it makes sense in your business model to have shorter programs. This is AWESOME. The trick then is to match your marketing promises to what you can actually accomplish in the program time).

2. Even though making your program “high touch” often means you have space for less participants in it, use high touch environment & techniques if that’s what’s required to co-create results.

Sacred Depths has a lot of high touch elements:

Our training calls aren’t just recorded lectures – I teach almost every single training call LIVE, with experiential exercises and room for lots of sharing and coaching. It’s important for me to connect personally with and coach every person in the program who wants to connect personally.

Each participant in the program has a person on my team who is their “touchpoint” – we check in individually with every single person in Sacred Depths a couple of times throughout the program and set up check-in calls with them.

We offer additional facilitated small study groups so that anyone who wants to go even deeper with the course material – or who wants to connect more with others in the program – can do so in a held, community container.

We offer additional community Q/A calls – which people use to ask questions both on their client case studies and on their business/marketing – and I stay on the line until I coach & answer every single person who wants my support.

–This list is getting long, so I’ll also briefly add that I personally answer every single post and question in the Sacred Depths facebook group, I am often known to reach out individually to folks to see how they’re doing, and so much more.

The result of all of these high touch elements? Every person in the training who wants to feel connected to me feels connected to me. They feel seen and heard and loved by me and the community. They are MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL because of the high level of support they receive in every aspect of the program.

Now here’s the thing:

We cap each cohort of Sacred Depths at about 55-60 participants.

I will not go any higher than that.

And we do this because in order to provide the incredible high touch experience that we provide, the training can’t be too big. It would lose the intimacy that is part of what makes it so magical and deep. I also wouldn’t be able to accommodate time for everyone who would want to share or be coached.

In other words, another case of proudly prioritizing QUALITY over sales numbers.

(And, yes, there are absolutely times when my team members help me maximize my time – like facilitating the small study groups. I leverage my team a lot, and they are wonderful. But that being said, I recognize also that people register for Sacred Depths because they want to connect with and be coached by and be supported by and be seen by ME. And that is precisely why I do most of the heavy lifting in the program. Not to mention, the reason why I am in business in the first place is because I love holding space for people to grow and transform!).

So here’s the thing about all of this:

I don’t want to pretend that in some ways my commitment to quality, my commitment to standing behind marketing promises and my commitment to high touch doesn’t impact my bottom line business numbers.

It does. In truth, I might probably be earning more than I do right now.

But….and this is a HUGE “but”….in many, many other ways, my commitment to quality and high touch is the BEST BUSINESS, MARKETING & SALES STRATEGY I have.

It ensures that consistent streams of my ideal clients come into my business without me needing to work as hard to find those ideal clients, because my referral and re-sign rate are through the roof.

My business does more than ok. And at a certain point, higher income numbers shouldn’t be the point. (Yes, I did just say that).

And, instead of undercutting the quality of the work, I get to go to bed every single night knowing I am providing through the roof value as well as experiences for folks that they cannot get anywhere else.

Satisfaction, piece of mind, and knowing I’m truly living out my purpose and making big impact make me a much happier person.

My deep wish for you as we transition into 2023 is that YOU, too, are able to serve from your heart, doing your best work, earning, and feeling great about it all…with ethics and impact top of mind.

Hopefully, this article has inspired a little more of that for you!!

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