The Applied Depth Foundational Principles


Any and all coaching, facilitating, teaching, mentoring, and healing must begin with authentic and heartfelt integrity. And it must also include mastery of a trauma-informed approach. There are too many practitioners who have fallen into the traps of industry glamour and slick marketing promises, and as a result, are not showing up for clients in the ways they should. The Skills of Integrity are not inherent; they need to be learned. Applied Depth practitioners learn the skills and inner fortitude to be 100% committed to integrity in your marketing, integrity in your coaching and healing and facilitation and showing up for clients & students with absolute integrity, and a trauma-informed skillset.


Applied Depth practitioners are motivated by possessing the highest level of Coaching, Transformational, Mentoring and Facilitation Skills, and are fully dedicated to overdelivering and co-creating incredible results with clients. The truth is that we are a little snobby here at Applied Depth when it comes to exceptional & advanced skills and Presence; “fluff” is our kryptonite and we scoff at the industry norm of not knowing how to address client fear, resistance, self-sabotage and Shadow. We have developed the most effective methods and tools for Client Results, and this is why Applied Depth Practitioners are considered the crème of the crop in the Personal Growth & Transformational Industries.


In short, we believe that “quick fixes” are unacceptable when it comes to powerfully leading clients to their goals and skillfully navigating client resistance and obstacles. Surface Coaching is not an option for those practitioners who are committed to impacting long-lasting change with their clients. Applied Depth methodology cultivates your ability to go deep with your clients so that you penetrate layers and layers beneath the surface to get to the gold, and to create an environment where clients feel a sense of the sacred in themselves and everything they do. We also believe one of the direct pathways to massive client growth is intimacy, and to support them to feel seen, heard and loved no matter what the size of your group, program or retreat. Transformation is a Sacred Process.


All of the Applied Depth programming, in one way or another, addresses and trains practitioners on how to work with Shadow and Archetype. Your Shadows are the repressed, disowned, and unactualized parts of yourself (& your clients!), and they wreak havoc in the form of self-sabotage – & worse! – if they are not addressed. Most transformational practitioners are not skilled at how to support their clients in owning their own Shadows, let alone know how to work with their own Shadows. We feel it is vital to support our students to do the courageous inner work in order to reclaim their own Shadows, and then we train you how to do this with your own clients.


In our modern world, we have lost connection with the Sacred Rhythms of the earth and of human experience. We go go go…we do, do, do…we create more more more. Applied Depth practitioners recognize that there is a time for every season, and they recognize that it does clients more harm than good to lead them through a cycle of Spring Do-ing, when what is really required is Winter Rest-ing. Applied Depth practitioners learn and honor the mysteries and wisdom of ALL the seasons, and have all the tools they need to lead their clients through whatever season they are in.


In order to create True Transformation, it is vital for practitioners to have the knowledge and techniques to support clients not only through the Mental Level of Learning and Transformation (which is where most practitioners stop), but also through the Heart Level of Learning & Transformation, the Spirit Level of Learning and Transformation, and the Body Level of Learning & Transformation. When you bring all four of these together, then you transcend “quick fix” results, and you can truly support your clients to deep, real, and longlasting change. There are dozens of powerful techniques we train practitioners on so that you can masterfully move clients through the four levels of learning and transformation, including Ritual & Ceremony, which are highly effective experiential modalities for deep change.


In addition to being coaches, healers, facilitators, and teachers, Applied Depth Practitioners are modern day Spiritual Teachers. They bring the depth of their learned experiences about the human condition and the Universe to their work, and are treasure troves of Wisdom about this experience called Life. They expertly support clients to learn the important life lessons that they are ready to learn, and to become their most aware & evolved selves.


Applied Depths practitioners are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment that honors the experiences of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and physical abilities. Applied Depth practitioners are conscious of their own privileges and approach every client interaction from an understanding of how to check their privileges so they can fully support their client.

Click here for more information on how we approach Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


We believe strongly that as practitioners, we can only take clients as far as we’ve gone ourselves, and that it is essential for us to continuously do our own soul work. The best and most transformational practitioners are the ones who are willing to consciously dance with their own Shadows, befriend their own fears, work with and harness all their parts, re-wire their own negative thought patterns, get off their own wheels of self-sabotage, work through their own triggers, tend deeply to their own soul awareness and nourishment. Each and every Applied Depth training and program includes extensive and advanced inner work for practitioners so you can be in full integrity and full effectiveness as you lead clients to their own depths.