Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are some of our core values. We welcome & strive to make our programs nourishing to people of all cultural backgrounds, race, ages, gender identities, religions and physical abilities.

Part of our mission is to grow a community of transformational practitioners who hold the values of Equity, Justice, Inclusion, Diversity and Integrity in their client work, in their businesses, and in their lives. We support our team members with education and information relating to issues of social justice and equity, and provide support and required supplemental training on issues of equality and equity to our students and graduates. We also explore all areas of transformational skills through the lens of Equity. We do so in order to support our practitioners to be aware of issues of white supremacy, patriarchy, internalized oppression and social justice, so that they can be stewards of justice in their practices and in the world.

Because we know that people often face socio-economic barriers to education, we offer scholarships in many of our courses to those who hold an under-represented identity.

We continue to learn and grow in this area, and are committed to doing better and better when it comes to supporting and nourishing all individuals.

Do you want to sponsor a person of color?

Though my business is online, I acknowledge, with deep respect, that I am a guest on the traditional territory of the Catawba Indian Nation. I honor the rightful stewards of the land I now reside in. I honor and acknowledge the Indigenous people who are with us today. I honor the ancestors who lost their lives due to colonialism.

For more information please visit https://www.catawbaindian.net/partnering/sponsorship-opportunities.php