The Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner Certification is a virtual, 10-month, advanced & fully comprehensive training for seasoned coaches, teachers, speakers, facilitators or healers who are looking to deepen master-level transformational skills in order to support your clients to create bigger breakthroughs, more long-lasting change, and real forward movement & results.

Here we learn how to go deep. Very deep. And make it count in powerful ways.

Through this training, you learn world-class transformational skills alongside the most dynamic content in the industry on human behavior relevant to helping clients achieve their goals, navigate Resistance Archetypes & Client Fears, and re-wire negative thought patterns. Additionally, you go on an intensive and life-changing inner journey that supports you in being the best practitioner you can be. (Beginning July 2021!)

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The Advanced Depth Program

for highly experienced practitioners who want to learn transformational, energetic, and somatic techniques for working with Shadow, Archetype, Dreams & Symbols, Deep Rooted Fears, and more.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to join us, email for more information.

Into the Depths Group Facilitation Training: Ritual, Archetype and Shadow

an intimate and sacred in-person training environment where you will learn all the basic and advanced skills you need to be able to create the most powerful & effective retreats, workshops and programs in the transformational industry. (Next round to be announced as soon as we are able to meet again in-person!)

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