The Applied Depth Authentic Sales Training

The Applied Depth Home Study Authentic Sales Training is a comprehensive, step-by-step instruction on the ins and outs of having soulful, authentic and highly effective enrollment conversations.

This is a different kind of sales training where your heart and soul take the lead, and you confidently succeed in enrolling clients in a way that feels good for EVERYONE. This totally unique home study training with step by step instruction will help you uplevel your enrollment conversations immediately as well as activate more confidence in your ability to sell. You’ll walk away with your own personalized sales script and strong, effective, and in integrity practices for successfully bringing prospects into your offerings.

This training includes 5-hours of recorded instruction, worksheets, templates, and deep inner work to help you break through your fears to selling with confidence and grace.

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Wicked Stepmothers & Lowly Handmaids: Transmuting Jealousy & Comparison into Empowerment

All women (consciously or unconsciously) long for Sisterhood. It is our birthright. And yet…

There is often an undercurrent of betrayal, unhealthy competition and envy that keep us from the truest expression of Sisterhood… and keep us from the fullest expression of ourselves.

In this 2.5-hour Homestudy Masterclass we will unpack, navigate and transform these undercurrents using the Archetype of the Wicked Stepmother and the Lowly Handmaiden.

These Shadow archetypes keep us stuck in roles that do not serve our greater mission and purpose. They keep us playing small. They keep us from our highest integrity and impact. To be the most expressed and empowered version of yourself, you must reconcile your complex experience with other women.

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Reclaiming Eve: Initiate the Revolutionary Leader Within

Eve ate the apple….and she lives inside of us. And she lives inside of the women we serve.

AND… She IS the Revolutionary Leader. When we unpack the layers of her story and learn to embody her, you are able to activate your true genius, live your truth, innovate and create new paradigms, find ways to succeed that actually work for you, let go of the need to please others & live by outdated codes, and take back your freedom.

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