I do this before my client sessions and my groups…& it levels up everything

In order to be a top notch, transformational practitioner who is really able to support clients in the most powerful of ways, it’s not just stellar skills and techniques that you need.

Yes, of course, world class skills and techniques are VERY important, but the truth is that even the most potent coaching and transformational techniques in the world will fall flat or fall short if the practitioner leading them isn’t embodying Aligned & Powerful Energetics.

Aligned and Powerful Energetics mean that you – the practitioner – are showing up for your client sessions:

⇒ knowing that your clients are whole and complete and knowing that you are whole and complete.

⇒ trusting your clients and trusting yourself…and trusting the process you are leading

⇒ understanding that it’s not your job to “fix” your client, and in fact your client doesn’t need to be fixed

⇒ without taking over-responsibility for your client and for their forward movement

⇒ not worrying that you’re not good enough or not smart enough or not magical enough or don’t know enough

⇒ having compassion and love for your client’s resistances and blocks and shadows (instead of freaking out that they’re in resistance and blaming them or yourself)

⇒ without needing to take control and allowing for your client’s full agency to be resourced

These are just some examples of the Aligned and Powerful Energetics of a Transformational Practitioner. There are dozens more.

In Sacred Depths, not only do I teach, over the course of 10 months, a multitude of advanced coaching skills, but we also go deep, deep into supporting each practitioner in the program to embody Aligned and Powerful Energetics.

So that you can use any of the tools you have in your transformational toolbox with confidence, with mastery, with inspiration, with full honoring of yourself and your client.

As you can imagine, the work it takes to embody these Energetics is not overnight work. It is deep belief work and somatic work and so much more.

That’s because Energetics hits on so many of our core wounds – our not-good-enoughness, our distrust of others, the ways we put Power in Shadow, and so much more.

But that being said, in addition to the deep work on all of this, I do have a simple practice before each and every client session and class that I teach that really compliments the deeper ongoing Energetic work and really helps me step into client sessions with Aligned Energetics:

I take a minute or two before each session (& really- it doesn’t have to take more than a minute or two!) to get grounded, to connect to my highest self (the one that has a higher perspective than my ego and my fears and my limiting beliefs), and also to connect with Spirit.

And from that place, I always ask my highest self and Spirit a version of the same thing. I say out loud:

Dear Spirit,

Help me to remember that this session is not about me.

Help me to remember that I don’t need to sound smart or know everything or be amazing or perform in any way.

Help me to remember that my job here is to show up as my authentic self, with my heart and all my love, and hold space for the beautiful human/s in front of me – for their joy, for their sorrow, for their progress and for their blocks.

Help me to remember that I am enough and my client/s is enough, and I don’t need to over-try or over-give; I simply need to commit to being fully present.

Dear Spirit, please allow this session to be another step on the sacred path of my client’s evolution.

And that’s it. I say the words and I create the space to feel the words inside of me – to embody them.

And then I step into my client session or my group session, and do incredible things.

Sharing this personal practice with you in the hopes that it reminds YOU that you, too, can bring powerful, trusting, brilliant presence and energy to all of your client work.

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