One of the Secrets to….Everything

For millennia, the wise women have understood and known how to navigate this particular key to life, and we need this key now more than ever before: Master the Paradox.

What is Mastering the Paradox?

It’s the knowing and living into the fact that opposites exist at the same time and sometimes inevitably need to be experienced at the same time.

It’s the understanding that life is not just one thing….that real life is a layered and complex, disorganized mishmash of things that at first seem to not go together.

It’s the ability to see, experience, feel, accept and hold seemingly opposing forces all at once.

Through this pandemic, we must learn how to hold:

Fear and hope at the same time.

Desire to do nothing and pull to act at the same time.

Life and Death at the same time.

Joy and Grief at the same time.

Giving and taking at the same time.

Aloneness and togetherness at the same time.

Stronger boundaries and softer boundaries at the same time.

Acceptance of a situation and desire to change the situation at the same time.

And, this one might be personal to me: Frustration at my kids and utter enjoyment of my kids at the same time.

A lot of suffering happens when we fall into the made-up-hollywood-fantasy-illusion that life is only one thing at any one moment…and also that the “good” life is achieved when we have left certain experiences behind and only have happy, organized, “right” experiences.

Not so.

A key to living is to be present to and accept all of it. Together. In this messy, beautiful, exhilarating, heartbreaking journey we call life.


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