Real Talk About Integrity, Part 1 (& my recent journey with it)

If you know me or my work at all, you know that Integrity is at the heart of it.

I am allergic to a lot of the not-so-kosher practices in the coaching, healing, transformational and marketing industries that are passed of as the norm. They make my stomach turn.

One of the most important things I’ve learned over my decades of being an Integrity Seeker and Crusader is that the more Integrity you bring to your work with clients, the BETTER and more transformational and more deep the work becomes.

This is a fact.

The other thing I’ve learned is that the more Integrity you bring to your work and business, the more your business will grow.

It may not seem like that at the outset. We’re often told that if we cut corners, we’ll see growth quicker. And I’ve certainly observed that happen for people in the coaching space: practitioners doing some questionable things, and voila!, they have an amazing launch.

Buuut….and this is a BIG “but”….that kind of growth never lasts. It comes to bite you in the butt. Clients don’t return. Your reputation sours.

That is also a fact.

Anywho, I recently had a little personal journey that really showed me the courage, commitment and resolve it takes to stay in Integrity.

Here’s the story:

For the last year, I’ve been wanting to make the Sacred Depths Coach Training into a rolling admissions program.

The 10-month program is so amazing and so powerful. And because I get referrals for it year-round (this is another benefit of being a practitioner in-integrity and with ninja skills for transformation – your clients love you and refer you!), I wanted a way for people to be able to step into it year-round instead of having to wait for it to start once a year.

I felt that if I could make Sacred Depths a rolling admission program that it would be the quickest way for me to grow to the next level of business.

I spent months and months and months (since last January!) looking at lots of different ways to make Sacred Depths work as a rolling admissions program. I spent a good amount of money on consultants to help me brainstorm ideas.

I finally, last month, got to the “perfect” plan for my business model. Instead of delivering the trainings live, they’d be available on drip recording so that people could step in at any moment, and I would just show up live 2x/month for Q/A. But, 10 months is a long time for someone to listen to drip recordings and stay engaged. So I was advised to accelerate the program and make it 4 months instead of 10 months (this way, I was told, I could make more money quicker!).

I sat with this plan and…even though it would bring in a LOT more money every year…it had me up at night feeling not-so-good.

I make BIG promises in my marketing for Sacred Depths, and I totally stand by them: Mastery of Coaching Skills, Leveling up IMMENSELY when it comes to being able to co-create transformation and results with your clients, being adept at leading clients to the other side of resistance, journeying through your OWN inner work and transformation, and so much more.

This is not a surface level Coach Training.

It is a potent blend of Coaching Skills, Spiritual Wisdom, Human Nature Wisdom, Neuroscience, Embodied Transformation Techniques, Shadow Excavation, Transcendental Visualization Tools, Ritual Secrets, & Energetics. I can honestly say that it is the BEST Advanced Coach Training in the industry.

And…cultivating this type of mastery takes time.
It takes practice.
It takes being able to marinate in the content and really integrate it.
It takes way longer than 4 months.

It would be totally, totally out of integrity for me to offer the FULL Sacred Depths content over 4 months.

It would be great for my business model (on the surface!), but it is simply not the quality and integrity I stand for.

And so…despite all of the consultants and suggestions…I threw the plan straight out the window.

Tempting as it is, I am never going to sacrifice quality & integrity for more money.

And of course, as I mentioned earlier, quality & integrity ARE the way to more money!
(And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I made the decision to keep the program at 10-months, 3 separate people inquired and stepped into the program even though we haven’t even starting launching the next cycle!).

Perhaps one day I will offer a 4-month Coach Training program that is on drip recordings, but I can promise you that it will only tackle a fraction of what I cover in the full Sacred Depths, and the promises I make about it will match the curriculum.

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