“Something Different” to Prep for 2019! (10 FUN Questions!)

Alright, here we go. This is probably the least serious article I’ll ever write, but hopefully it will have more substance for you than you might think. Here are some out-of-the-box, slightly whimsical, quick and fun yet very powerful questions to set yourself up for an AMAZING 2019!

1. What is the top, #1 habit, belief or pattern that you absolutely, positively REFUSE to carry into 2019 with you? Why?

(My answer: Biting my nails! I’ve been biting since 1979, and 2019 is my year to kick the habit!)


2. Who is the person that you know that you would most like to cultivate a deeper friendship within 2019? Why?

(My answer: Well, I crafted this question for me and for you because 2019 is the year that I’ll really be focusing more on making friendships a priority. I’ve let that slip a little bit since having kids. I’ve got one friend in mind that I’m going to make extra special effort to plan out our monthly “lunches” together.)


3. What is 1 book (or 3) that you want to commit to reading in 2019?

(I’m an avid reader, but at the top of my list for 2019 is – White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism By Robin DiAngelo)


4. Think about the most important person in your life. What does your heart want to say to that person? Write it out and make sure you say it this year.

(I won’t reveal too too much here, but I will share that sometimes Jon, my husband, shoulders the brunt of my frustrations, and he is overdue for some from-the-heart words from me on why I appreciate him so much).


5. What is 1 vacation that you would like to make happen in 2019? Why?

(I’m still noodling on this one – if you have any suggestions, let me know!)


6. Briefly plan out a dream dinner party you want to host in 2019. Who would you invite? Would there be a theme? What would you serve?

(I’ve already got one planned and happening for the first weekend of the year. I’ve invited over 3 other couples for dinner and we’ll be playing Crimes Against Humanity, adults only! Cannot wait.)


7. You’ve got 1 sacred possession in your home that is ready to be gifted to someone else in 2019. What is that sacred possession? Who will you give it to? Why?

(Am keeping this one a secret until I give the possession away. Stay tuned!)


8. How will you deepen your spiritual practice in 2019?

(Honestly, I’ve let my spiritual practice get a little too “loose” this last year and haven’t been connecting in every day. In 2019, my biggest commitment around this is to be regular on a daily basis…and to also add in more meditation to my existing practice of journaling, prayer, ritual and tarot cards.)


9. Dedicate a day of your life to volunteering for a cause you believe in this coming year. What day will you put aside for this? What cause or organization will you serve?

(Jon and I have been dreaming of doing a volunteer day with the entire family, and really get the kids involved. I’ve been doing research into organizations that are kid volunteer friendly).


10. Plan to take yourself out on an afternoon date one day this year, and plan it now. Where will you go? What will you do?

(My perfect date with myself: First, journaling over a froo-froo coffee drink at a cafe. Then, an aimless stroll through an art museum without any agenda other than to stop in front of artwork that catches my eye. If there’s time, maybe a stop in a boutique for a new and unusual piece of clothing. And finally, a second journaling session over herbal tea. I know – I’m so boring!!!).


BONUS QUESTION: Pick a part of yourself or your body to lavish radical amounts of love upon this year…a part of yourself that is really needing more of your loving attention. What part of you will receive these extra doses of radical love?

(Without a doubt, my tush and thighs will be getting a lot of extra love from me in 2019!).

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