The thing that triggered me last week

A couple of days ago I noticed I was feeling activated by a marketing email that landed in my inbox. It was from a business coach who is a relatively new coach, but they’re a super smart marketer and entrepreneur who has built a huge business very quickly, and I’m intrigued by the way they market & write.

Anyway, I’ve been receiving their emails for a couple of months, all about business coaching, and then last week: emails start coming about their newest program, a coach training. I read in awe and in all honesty, with some competitive angst (yes, while I’m all about healthy competition, I do go to that angst place every now and again), at their very powerful words about this coach training.

And then it hit me: even though in all likelihood, this person will have hundreds flocking to their training (they have a very large reach), their training isn’t in competition with my training, Sacred Depths.

Here’s why: this coach, who is pretty new to the industry, is promising that this 10-week training program is the “best” coach training out there and….and will teach new practitioners in those few weeks how to be fully equipped to address any coaching situation as well as trauma.

Now, it’s different strokes for different folks, and what I realize is that the practitioners that I am meant to support and train are looking for something different entirely.

They are looking for true depth. 

They are looking for a mentor who has been around the block many, many times and who has spent decades cultivating skill and wisdom, and who has clocked thousands of hours with clients. 

They are looking for an immersive experience where they train over a period of time that really allows them to integrate and embody the skills and energetics required to be a great practitioner, not just wing it with clients.

Like me, the people I serve are committed to integrity and to true mastery of craft.

I often tell people – “If you’re looking for the coach or trainer who is going to fly you to the moon and back in a day…I’m definitely not for you!”

What some “marketing geniuses” out there don’t take into consideration is that in most cases, massive marketing promises that don’t deliver may carry you through a couple years of business, but sooner or later you are going to crash and burn because your work & offerings MUST be quality and fulfill promises in order to have a sustainable business.

For now, I’m choosing to still receive emails from this particular marketing genius; I sense that with much discernment there are a few things I can learn from her & her boldness.

But, as I learn, I will also be resting easy and happy in my heart knowing that the values I stand for and that the immense quality I bring to my trainings has been rightly earned.

And…what I want most for you to know: 

never, ever feel like you have to compromise your integrity to make unrealistic marketing promises, never ever feel like you have to compromise your process to “get people quicker results”, never compromise your gravitas for the latest and greatest trend.

If you know in your heart that true transformation takes time and takes work…you are not alone. I stand with you.

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