3 developments in the coaching industry you need to know about

Just like every industry, the coaching and transformation industries go through different cycles and stages of evolution that are critical. 

Over the last few years, there have been some big developments that are changing many things about the industry. The more you know and understand what these developments are, the better equipped you’ll be to do your best, most effective work with clients and grow a business with staying power (if you are a business owner).

Here are some of the most important developments to know about:

1. Outdated Coaching Techniques have made Fears and Resistances Trickier and Smarter

The transformational industry has done a great job over the last few decades in educating the community on the first steps toward growth, evolution, and deeper satisfaction in life. And many consumers in the transformational industry have been impacted deeply – they’re more aware of limiting beliefs & how they impact, they understand more about nervous system regulation and its importance, they know how to cultivate love & forgiveness in their hearts, they believe in their goals.

This is all so wonderful. But now that consumers have gotten through the first few layers – the surface layers – of issues, blocks, and obstacles, they are finding themselves becoming stuck with the deeper stuff: with the fears, with the patterned self-sabotage, with their Shadows, with their more embedded & complicated obstacles. Because of the initial inner work they’ve done, they’ve come very far. But at the same time, their fears, Shadows, and resistances have gotten smarter & trickier at maneuvering issues, and at throwing up blocks. Much of the initial inner work has actually supported their deeper defenses to get stronger, making them way more prone to getting stuck. (And then add to this all of the really tough world and social events over the last 4+ years…and the ways these events have impacted us and our nervous systems collectively, as well as the ways these events have exacerbated fears & unhelpful coping habits).

What consumers are now desperate for is coaches and practitioners who know how to navigate the deeper stuff and the trickier stuff. Most of the coaches who thrive in the coming years will be the ones who are willing to master diving deep with clients.

2. Consumers Don’t Need Information; They Need True Support for Change & Action
A lot of what’s called coaching these days is actually just consulting in disguise. And while consulting can absolutely be one strategy in coaching (I use it in my client sessions for sure!), the truth is that there is SO MUCH information these days readily available than ever before in history – information that’s available to anyone who does a google search or reads a book.

For the most part, what our clients need is not more information. Instead what they need is support to put the information into practice and action. They need coaches and practitioners who can hold space for important client inner wisdom to choose what information is right or not right for them. They need practitioners who can ask the deeper questions for self-awareness. They need practitioners who can hold space to navigate fear & resistance. And they need effective and powerful coaching containers that foster resilience and accountability.

The coaches and practitioners who are limiting their consulting to only when necessary, and instead leaning more deeply on their other coaching skills, are the ones who are most effectively helping clients succeed.

3. It takes WAY more to win Consumer Trust than ever Before

Simply put, for quite a number of years now, parts of the coaching industry have lost its way a little bit. 

Marketing promises were made and never delivered. Prices were raised without results and substance to back it. Glamour and surface has been prioritized. And consumers have gotten burned. They’ve paid inflated prices for low quality services that promised to take them to the moon and back in a day. 

Now, I don’t mean to sound negative, and this is not about blame. I share it because it’s important to name, and of course it’s not ALL of the coaching industry. I think of the coaching industry as a younger field – kind of like being at the tail end of its teenage phase. Just like teenagers (& I know this because I’ve got one living in my house!), the coaching industry is going to continue to grow up to become more and more incredible and of service in the world (it already is!)…and just like teenagers, it is also still sometimes not always certain on the right thing to do and finding its own way. 

Because of all of this, it has become a bit harder to earn the trust of potential clients. We must prove from the get go that we are trustworthy. 

What’s required to be one of the trustworthy practitioners?
Mastery & embodiment of your craft. Proven techniques to co-create meaningful transformations with your clients. Full integrity in your marketing. Immense ability to show up with a full Coaching Presence.

OK, so I know that all of this might sound daunting….but actually, I think it’s AMAZING news. 

Here’s why: If you are one of the leaders in the industry to cultivate the deeper & more advanced coaching skills NOW, you’re positioned to be one of the practitioners who will make it through these transitions, and make it through with immense success and more ease.

So, please, for the sake of your work, as well as the sake of the industry and the sake of all the individuals the industry is poised to help: Make it a priority to master advanced and depth coaching skills. Those skills will become a bedrock resource for you and your business.

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