6 Actions to Improve Your Client Sessions Before the End of the Year

Even though I’ve been coaching and facilitating transformation for nearly twenty years now, my answer to the question: “What is the one thing in your business that has the potential to make you cringe the most?” would be the same today as it was twenty years.

The thing in my business that has the potential to make me cringe the most is the thought that I am not supporting my clients in the most valuable and masterful ways possible.

This is more important to me than anything else – than marketing success, than visibility, that income.

For me, providing exquisite and highly skilled service, as well as transformation, is BAR NONE.

If you feel the same way I do, then I’m so happy to share this article with you!

Being able to yield even better results and transformation with your clients is a true art. It requires more than any “one” action, but instead is a series of actions that together create a symphony of deeper transformation.

I wanted to share just a few of those actions with you here. There are obviously many, many more, but get started on some of these (even just 1 of them!) and you will be amazed at how much deeper you go with your clients, how much more intimate your sessions become, how clients become more motivated to achieve results, and how much more grateful and satisfied your clients will be.

1. Clarify Intentions at the Beginning of Your Sessions

One of the most powerful things you can do at the beginning of any client session to create clarity, depth, breakthroughs, transformations and aligned results is to get clear on your client’s intentions for the session.When you don’t get clear on intentions, the conversation or work tends to meander, get off track before it gets on track, get confused, and not really yield desired results.

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking “What would you like to receive from our session today?”, but many other times you need the skill and technique to first catch vagueness and then help your client get focused and clear. It’s trickier than you might think, but so well worth it.

2. Take 2 Minutes at the End of Sessions for Integration

Integration at the end of your sessions will allow your client to take in everything that was covered, understood, felt and visioned much more deeply. It will also help them feel a deeper sense of value from the session. This is something you don’t want to skip!

3. Find the Unlikely Strength or Win

Human beings, no matter how evolved they are, tend to see the gaps and problems much more easily than the strengths and the wins. And they are even less likely to identify the strengths or wins that don’t at first appear as such. But these are THE most golden, and when you create awareness about them are powerful resources to your client’s next set of solutions or motivation.

4. Connect the Dots

One of the most fundamental keys to happiness in life is to find meaning in all the layers of our lives and experience. And a key to finding meaning is…Connecting the Dots!When you can Connect the Dots for your clients around their various patterns, life experiences, fears and more, your clients will not only find deeper meaning in all they are working on with you, but the awareness of the connections will powerfully support them to unwind self-sabotaging patterns.

5. Ask a Bolder Question

Many coaches and practitioners tend to shy away from asking the Bolder Questions. For fear of making clients angry or triggered. For fear of not trusting their own instincts on what they are seeing. And sometimes simply because they aren’t able to see where the Breakthrough is ready to happen.Challenge yourself in your client sessions to listen more deeply to identify where the breakthroughs are ripe, and then stretch yourself to ask the bolder, riskier questions that will land directly in your clients hearts for massive a-ha moments.

6. Check Your Own Beliefs

99% of the time, when we miss an important moment in a session that has the potential to be a total game changer for our client, it’s because we haven’t checked our own beliefs and they got in the way of us fully hearing what was being said, as well as seeing the line between story and truth.As practitioners, we obviously all have our own beliefs, but be very careful that your own beliefs don’t enter the coaching session unchecked. When you can truly get on top of this, BIG possibilities for depth and transformation open up.

I’d love to hear what these ideas activate for you, and of course – if you want instruction on how to put these techniques into place, please consider Sacred Depths Coaching Certification. You’ll get step by step on all of this plus dozens and dozens more Human Transformation skills that will help you start creating deeper shifts with your clients right away.

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