A game-changing skill that creates transformation for your clients

I’m very excited to share this week’s article with you.

But before we get there: I am THRILLED about the response we’ve had to the Overcome the Fear Barrier Skills Guide.

As I’ve watched this community grow & grow over the years, it makes me proud to know that I am standing side by side with so many leaders that care so deeply about QUALITY DELIVERY, that care so deeply about the results you co-create with your clients, that care so deeply about making sure that the crazy online world doesn’t lose sight of what’s most important: transforming people’s lives.

You are my inspiration.

I do what I do because of you.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

So if you’re reading this – whether you’re a new or seasoned practitioner – I know you believe that continuing to walk down the path of coaching mastery and personal mastery are absolute musts if you want to deeply transform your clients’ lives.

And any transformation process includes your clients being able to come face-to-face with hard truths that they hadn’t seen before.

Which means that you, as the coach or teacher or healer, must really own the skills of Creating Awareness & Reflecting the Truth.

Reflecting the Truth is not always an easy skill, and it’s not spoken about much in the coaching industry, but needs to be: it is an absolute game-changer for your clients.

Check out this FB video where I teach about it:

And please leave a comment to let me know what it sparked for you!

With love,

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