Uncovering Client Blocks & Toe-Dipping Into Inner Child Work

I had the honor and privilege of coaching a volunteer named Joni. She brought a real doozy of an issue to our time together, and I demonstrated how to very quickly and very effectively:

  • Laser right in to uncover underlying blocks and obstacles
  • Connect the dots and create crystal clear awareness on life-long patterns
  • Do preliminary yet powerful Inner Child work to support clients to make better choices
  • Ask masterful breakthrough questions that open up new possibilities for clients
  • Create a safe and loving, yet bold and activating coaching container.

So, in lieu of an article this week, I’m including something even more rich with teachings and golden nuggets: the recorded demonstration of me coaching Joni for 25 minutes and then, along with community on the call, breaking down the Coaching Skills that I used.

You can access the recording here.

You’ll learn a LOT, and be so glad you did! (One participant said is was as PERFECT a coaching session as one could be!)

Coaching Demo with Joni

Once you listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways and questions. Please head on over to the The Coaching r(E)volution and share a post!

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