An Inner Child Coaching Demo

In the Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner Training, along with the dozens and dozens of step-by-step coaching skills you learn, you also learn by witnessing coaching demonstrations and then having the opportunity to have a conversation about it.

I include this type of learning in Sacred Depths (along with deep inner work for you, and lots of other opportunities to learn skills like practica with feedback, partner coaching, small group study groups and more) because some of the best type of learning happens when you can observe the techniques and principles you learn in action.

So in lieu of an article this week, I’m including a recorded demonstration where I coach a volunteer named Joni for 25 minutes and then, along with the community on the call, we break down some of the Coaching Skills that I used. (This demo isn’t from the Sacred Depths program, but it’s a little taste of how we do it there).

Joni brought a real doozy of an issue to our time together, and I demonstrated how to very quickly and very effectively:

  • Laser right in to uncover underlying blocks and obstacles
  • Connect the dots and create crystal clear awareness on life-long patterns
  • Do preliminary yet powerful Inner Child work to support clients to make better choices
  • Ask masterful breakthrough questions that open up new possibilities for clients
  • Create a safe and loving, yet bold and activating coaching container.

You can access the recording here.
You’ll learn a LOT, and be so glad you did! (One participant said it was as PERFECT a coaching session as one could be!)

Coaching Demo with Joni

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55 Highly Effective
Breakthrough Coaching Questions

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