Mini Podcast: The Connection Between Coaching Mastery and Sales Mastery

Coaches often make the mistake of separating their powerful coaching skills and their ability to have consistent successful enrollment conversations with prospective clients.

I’m here to tell you nothing could be more deeply connected.

They are inextricably related in ways you may not have considered.

This one shift can completely change the momentum of your business.

In this week’s podcast, we’re going to look at exactly how the depth of your coaching skills influence your ability to have enrollment conversations that end with clients deciding to work with you, and what you can do to master both.

We’ll explore how masterful listening allows you to be able to listen three layers down below what’s being said, in order to connect with what’s really going on in their lives. 

I’ll also cover why having exquisite breakthrough questioning skills will ensure you’re asking the right questions, so your prospects can see precisely how you can help them.

You can have the best marketing in the world, you can be writing killer posts, and having non-stop engagement with your audience, but if you can’t create stellar enrollment conversations that convert, you can’t build your business.

So join me for this week’s mini-podcast (5 minutes packed with goodness!) to ensure you’re bringing the presence, energetics, and soul set of a transformational leader to everything you do.

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55 Highly Effective
Breakthrough Coaching Questions

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