The MOST Important Coaching and Facilitation Tool You Will Ever Need

Want to know THE most important component of Transformational Facilitation & Coaching?

It’s not about the facilitation skills you master – of course, those are SUPER important and necessary in order to create results and deep healing for your participants.

It’s not about the really powerful experiential exercises and processes you lead to connect your audiences to their souls, though, of course, those are also super important and vital.

And it’s not about your curriculum – though, of course, that is really significant, too.

The most important component to create the deepest, most healing and transformational events is about WHO you are BEING and BECOMING. It’s so simple, yet overlooked all of the time.

You can know the best facilitation skills in the world, you can have an encyclopedic knowledge of every ritual or experiential process in the book…but if you don’t know how to SHOW UP as a transformational facilitator….if you don’t know how to come to your retreats and circles and workshops and classes in your power, in your brilliance, and by channeling ALL of your various life-force energies (not just your pretty ones or your most reliable ones)….then none of the very valuable practical skills matter. Things will fall flat.

Who you are BEING as a transformational facilitator when you lead your groups is the secret sauce and magic glue that binds all of the actual facilitation skills together.

Who you are BEING can’t be “bought” or read or observed or faked. It must be earned.

There’s no other way.

And it must be earned by doing deep inner work:

By really looking at your fears. (I mean REALLY. Not just surface stuff.)

By being willing to take risks when you lead and facilitate.

By practicing speaking your truth over and over and over again.

By committing to your authenticity.

By letting go of old family dynamics and beliefs.

By coming face-to-face with your own Shadows and your own Archetypes.

By owning all the parts of yourself (even the ones you don’t like).

By being willing to be seen.

By forgiving what needs to be forgiven.

By saying “NO” in places that feel scary and impossible to set boundaries.

By opening up to the highest and most Truthful parts of who you are.

By reclaiming your naïve, open-hearted and Maiden self.

By nurturing the parts of you that didn’t get nurtured as a young person.

By reckoning your relationship to Time and Death (deep, I know, but so necessary because these are at the root of so much anxiety and desire).

By healing your Sister Wound and any places where you have nigglies with other women.

By finding your next level of Trust.

By being willing to tolerate the absolute radiance of your own brilliance and channel it into your work. (Yes, I say “tolerate your radiance” because most people actually have an adverse reaction to how amazing they are.)

I share all of this with you because the inner work – the real not-so-pretty but oh-so-sacred-and-satisfying inner work – has made the biggest difference not only in how I show up as a Transformational Facilitator, but also in why my business thrives and continues to grow in all the ways that it does.

And the more I continue to commit to my own inner growth, the more all the pieces of my business grow.

Because as coaches and leaders, no matter how much inner work you’ve already done, there is always more.

And the more evolved you already are, the juicier the inner work is.

The inner work is what I see as the most important component in each of my clients’ businesses, too.

WHO they are in their facilitation, in their marketing, and as the leader of their community and business determines everything. Period.

The inner work, the helping you level up WHO you’re Being, is my absolute FAVORITE part of training leaders how to become the best workshop & retreat facilitators and coaches in the industry. The nuts and bolts facilitation skills they learn at the trainings are through-the-roof effective and so much fun to teach….but it’s the leading my clients through their own Initiations into WHO THEY ARE that is the soul work for me.

For those of us that are transformational facilitators, leading others through the deep soul-work is the MOST rewarding, don’t you think?

Not to mention that you literally need to do this work yourself in order to facilitate for your clients. I will rarely tell anyone that you need to do anything, but this is honestly one of those deal-breaker situations.

You can’t expect to create true, authentic, life-changing and long-lasting transformations for those you serve if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

It’s just surface-level sleight of hand tricks if you haven’t earned the transformation for yourself first.

I feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet, because I literally get to witness and hold space for transformational leaders and facilitators to birth themselves before my very eyes.

It is so profound and the most sacred experience I can offer another human (after of course birthing my own kiddos…but none of that will be happening ever again – I’m done physically birthing babies!).

This is my sacred wish for you:

That you hold who you are BEing as a sacred commitment to yourself.

That you do the important, and often times challenging work of really knowing yourself.

That you find the desire to look at and Befriend your Fears.

That you make it a priority to know your Shadows and leverage them for additional life force.

This is how our wonderful industry will grow to greater impact.

This is how your own Sacred Work will multiply and become more powerful.

This is how you will find the most peace and satisfaction in your business and life.

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