Sacred Depth Practitioners

It is my pleasure & honor to be able to share with you this amazing group of leaders who not only participated in the Sacred Depths Practitioner Training but also did the extra and rigorous work to become Certified Sacred Depths Practitioners.  

Because of the work they have done to become certified – including being assessed for their skills – I would recommend each and every one of these soulful, wise individuals as a coach or transformational practitioner. They each have their own style, energy, and expertise, so take time to review their websites and connect with them if you are considering Sacred Depths coaching.  

Those that are noted as GOLD Practitioners have spent an extra year of developing their skills & mentoringwith me.  

With love,


Click on the images below to learn more about these Saced Depths Certified Coaches

Adina Saperstein

Ale Krismayr

Anna Östrand

Anne Shuman

Brooke Hofsess

Caitlin FitzGordon

Carolyn Ulitsky

Christine Gagnon

Corin Hinderegger

Cory Kemp

Dana Garced

Elinor Miller

Emily Wright

Esther Dederichs

Gailyc Sonia

Gwenn Prinbeck
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Heather Lawrence

Inbal Sansani
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Jaime Black

Jasmine Patten 

Jessica Adler

Jill Ennis

Johanna Lily

Joni Lane

Justine Arian-Edwards

Kaeleya Rayne

Kani Kido

Kelsey Lowitz

Laura Lee

Lea Artis
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Linda DeCarlo

Marcy Stahl

Marlene Clay Bartlett
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Melissa Kelley
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Michelle Spalding

Michelle Thompson
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Miranda Maher

Moira Shaughnessy

Monisha Mittal
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Pardis Partow
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Ray Mardia

Rebecca Volinsky

Renee Fishman

Sharon Epstein
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Siobhan Sullivan

Sophia Li

Stephanie Boucher

Suzanne Culberg

Swati Kameswar

Tanya Dantus
Sacred Depths GOLD Certified

Teresa Lea

Tina Ghahramani-Singh

Vivian Lord

If you would like to be among this community of wise, soulful, highly skilled practitioners, I would love to train you! Please visit the Sacred Depths Practitioner Training Info Page to learn more and set up a call!

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